Milan Design Week: kreon at Fuorisalone

At Salone Internatzionale del Mobile, the most important novelties in the world of design and interior are presented. lighting designer kreon too, shows its new collection during the Design Week in Milan.

These are the novelties kreon presents this year:

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kreon oran

The new oran is a first for kreon. The lighting manufacturer is known for its sleek designs and geometrical projects. This time, though, the designers chose to switch gears. Without losing sight of their basic principles of ‘Unity in design, simplicity in techniques, and precision in detail’, kreon launches its first ornamental line.

The ornamental kreon oran line consists of pendant and ceiling luminaires.  The luminaires are available in black and white, or in pure materials such as bronze. The mouth-blown bulbs come in two shapes, round or cone-shaped, or in alabaster. The pendant is optionally covered by a lampshade. 

kreon lini 10

Continuous linear light is an essential tool for architects and lighting designers. The kreon lini range is a miniaturised continuous LED line of light with a luminosity that is set within a deep set profile to exude a soft linear glow, that provides homogeneous and dot-free illumination. The slim kreon lini with a recessed silicone diffuser produces a sustained soft light distribution and can be used as a graphic play of light or guide light. Different corners such as a T-corner, X-corner, L-corner and a ceiling to wall corner offer a lot of opportunities to make different configurations, tailor made to your project and its requirements.

kreon holon 40 pendant

kreon holon 40 pendant luminaire brings illumination down in the purest form. The kreon holon range is characterised by its compact form and deep-set LED position, providing a subtle feeling of light without the uncomfortable sight of light. The elegance and simplicity of kreon holon is now also available as a suspended fixture. kreon holon 40 pendant is the perfect solution for general or accent lighting, and features a flood or wide flood reflector set above the internal louvre finished in black or white paint or brushed copper. kreon holon 40 pendant can be used for general lighting or accent lighting in a wide range of project types.

kreon up 40

kreon up 40 is the most compact member of the kreon up family of floor recessed up lights, characterised by their minimal appearance and optical functionality. The range is offered in square and circular form, is finished with black or white backed toughened glass with a satin stainless steel trim. LED modules are deep-set within the luminaires and are controlled by a brightness limiting diffuser for ambient or orientation lighting or an assymetrical optic for vertical illuminance. kreon up 40 is also available as a surface mounted fixed downlight.

kreon side-in-line

kreon side in-line reproduces many aspects of the classical recessed side light. The faceted reflectors which are incorporated into the light ensure a uniform asymmetrical beam, making the kreon side in-line an efficient, compact floor or ceiling washer. A soft yet striking light beam and the steep bevel of the finishing louvre draws attention to the straight vertical back surface which can be finished in various materials according to the designer’s preference. kreon side in-line, available in widths of 40 and 80 mm can be merged perfectly into the architecture and combined with other kreon luminaires.

kreon up glass

kreon recognizes the importance of artisan craftsmanship. A perfect result requires both technical ingenuity as well as artistic desire. Artisanal mouthblown glass is an unpretentious and unusual industrial material, yet elegant, modern and versatile. Whether blown, pressed, ground, sandblasted or silver-plated, it forms the sculpting material, merging traditional and modern lighting techniques. The stunning design of kreon up 80 outdoor glass has been successfully created to marry the soft contours of the glass with a modified version of the existing kreon up 80 outdoor fixture.

kreon fuga

kreon fuga is a linear pendant luminaire with a simple geometric language that combines a vertical suspension bar between a slim horizontal ceiling bar and a linear light bar, to provide the most discrete form of pendant illumination. The abstract geometrical language of a single kreon fuga unit, delivers an independent, autonomous form – an object. The slim profile and the flexible form of the product, create a fascinating, almost dramatic tension between the ceiling bar and the linear light bar. kreon fuga is available in three length options and can be postponed to run parallel or perpendicular to the light bar, and can be combined with various driver options to suit the dimming protocol.

(belux) inline

inline is a refined tool for linear lighting: the luminaire inline is a sophisticated tool for linear lighting: Instead of merely diffusing it throughout the room, inline directs the light with precision to the desired surface. Supporting the planner’s creativity, inline offers a wealth of new applications and simultaneously strengthens the bonds between architecture and lighting.

Aline Mockers

Perscontact, Two cents

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About kreon

kreon is a leading lighting manufacturer, that approaches lighting from the perspective of architects. kreon's minimalist designer luminaires provide spaces with a play of light and shadow.

Beauty is not created by adding some more detail, it is conceived by removing the last.

The design of kreon's collection represents a way of thinking that reduces each product to the essential components without compromise. Luminance and illumination are the primary goals. The luminaire, a detail that can reflect and integrate within architecture with the purest form that will enhance and add value to its environment, requires a deep understanding of the intrinsic nature and unified components of architectural styles. These components can be condensed into basic forms, which kreon exploits within its products. This approach to design requires that the details of an object are not merely decorative, but are key to the essence of the product as a whole. kreon products, in their simplest forms, do not result in austere minimalism, but in architectural objects that communicate with space, regardless of style. This, combined with careful planning, represents the true meaning of "architectural lighting".

kreon, purity in light gives you the opportunity to create the conditions that allow the beauty of architecture to surface.


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